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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Specifications

*EEE Parts for Space Applications: The NAPA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program (NEPP) website supports parts engineers, designers, system assurance managers and project managers in selecting, testing and procurement of EEE parts for use on NASA programs/ projects by providing links to parts related documents developed by NASA centers and Defense Supply CenterColumbus (DSCC). We encourage you to see the new EEE- INST-002 (GSFC Parts Document) - Supersedes 311- INST-001, Rev. A. The revised document has added derating guidelines and four new sections to provide instructions for plastic encapsulated microcircuits, crystals, heaters, and switches. Section S2 addresses thermal switches. Selection, Screening and Qualification requirements, as well as references to military specifications, and test methods have also been updated.

have been relied upon to perform on the earliest unmanned satellites to today's most modern manned and un-manned space vehicles, including both military and civilian programs:

  • Space Shuttle
  • Space Station
  • Apollo
  • Gemini
  • Hubble Telescope
  • Mercury
  • 2003 Mars Rovers
  • NEAR
  • Skylab
  • SOHO
  • TESS
  • GPS
  • Lunar Prospector
  • Viking
    ... and many others

    TS700 Data Sheet Contains configuration drawings and sample ordering codes for this product. [.pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]
    TS700 Thermal Switch High Reliability Inventory Select and reserve off-the-shelf, space qualified thermostats [.xls - requires Microsoft Excel]
    End Item Inventory
    of 700 Series thermal switches that are now available for immediate delivery!
    Search this inventory for End Items that are currently in stock. [.xls - requires Microsoft Excel - under the 700 Series worksheet tab]

    Then contact the factory to place your order for immediate delivery. When ordering, provide the Part Number, Order Code and Quantity shown in the inventory. Credit card orders are accepted and will accelerate the delivery process.

    THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.
    JUST RELEASED: AEROSPACE REPORT NO. TOR-2006(8583)-5236, "Technical Requirements for Electronic Parts, Materials, and Processes Used in Space and Launch Vehicles."

    Application Examples:

    • Electronics compartment temperature control
    • Cold plate temperature monitoring and control
    • Optics and instrumentation temperature control
    • Surface and strip heater control
    • Battery charge rate and heater control
    • Rocket motors and thrusters
    • Overheat protection
    • Electric motor pre-heater control
    • Hydraulic/pneumatic actuator freeze protection systems
    • Environmental control system limit indication and control
    • Custom packaging available


    • All welded stainless steel construction
    • 1000 cycles of run-in while monitoring contact resistance, 50 milliohms max
    • OperatingTemp range of -120�F to +300�F, minimum ambient temp of -180�F
    • All welded stainless steel construction
    • Residual gas analysis and Group B Testing
    • Able to withstand high vibration and shock levels
    • Crisp, snap-action contact operation
    • Small and lightweight, yet rugged
    • Internal cleanliness 100% verified by micro-particle analysis
    • Each switch serialized and shipped with individual test data sheet
    • Low contact resistance: 25 milliohms maximum
    • Hermetically sealed & backfilled with dry Nitrogen & 10% Helium tracer

    Honeywell manufactures the
    700 Series Thermal Switch in 18 BASIC CONFIGURATIONS.

    Dash numbers are also available in multiple configurations -
    selection is not limited to those shown below - consult factory for details.
    Click on the dash number below to open the outline drawing.



















    Specifications for 700 Series Thermal Switches
    Contact Arrangement: SPST
    Contact Ratings: 5 amps resistive load @ 28 VDC
    2.0 amperes resistive load at 115 VAC RMS
    1.0 amp inductive load (L/R 0.02) @ 28 VDC, 115 VAC RMS
    1.0 ampere lamp load at 28 VDC/115 VAC RMS
    2.5 amperes resistive at 28 VDC, for differentials less than or equal to 10�F
    Endurance: 100,000 cycles min. @ rated load
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1250 VAC RMS - terminals to case, 500 micro amperes maximum leakage
    Insulation Resistance: 500 megohms min. @ 500 VDC - terminals to case
    Vibration (Sine): Meth. 204, 50g to 2000 Hz, 30g to 3000 Hz
    Vibration (Random): Meth. 214, over 30g RMS, 20 to 2000 Hz
    Ambient Temperature Range: -330�F to 400�F (-201� to +204�C)
    Moisture Resistance: Meth. 106, 240 hrs., 90-98% RH, & from +77� +149�F (+25�C to 65�C)
    Hermetic Seal: Meth. 112, Cond. C, Procedure IV, 1.0 x 10-8 Atm, cc/sec max leak rate
    Solderability: Meth. 208
    Shock: Meth. 213, 100g/6ms, 750g/0.5ms
    Thermal Shock: Meth. 107, Cond. B, -120 to +257�F (-49�C to 125�C)
    Acceleration: Meth. 212, Cond. A, 30g
    Salt Spray: Meth. 101, Cond. B, 48 hours

    Acceptance Test Data for 700 Series Thermal Switches
    Contact resistance monitored burn-in 1,000 cycles min., 50 megohms max
    Random vibration 22.7g RMS
    Particle impact noise detection (PIND) No particle noise
    Calibration/setpoint 3 cycles
    Creepage (ARC) duration 3 cycles <5msec, 600 VDC

    fine leak: <1 X 10-8 Atm. cc/sec
    gross leak: No bubbles

    Contact resistance - 3 cycles 25 milliohms max (6 VDC. 0.1A)
    Dielectric withstanding voltage - Terminals to case 1250 VAC RMS - terminals to case, 60 Hz
    Insulation Resistance - Terminals to case 500 megohms min. @ 500 VDC
    Weight Varies by configuration
    Inspection of product Final visual

    Tolerance Limits
    Specified Temp Setpoint Range �F (�C) Standard Setpoint Tolerance �F (�C)
    -120 to 0 (-84.4 to -17.8)
    �6 (3.3)
    +1 to 250 (-17.2 to 121.1)
    �5 (2.8)
    251 to 300 (121.7 to 148.9)
    �7 (3.9)

    Honeywell's TS700, High-Reliability Thermal Switch is the result of years of meticulous engineering and a relentless path of continuous improvement. Discriminating designers have specified them from the earliest unmanned satellites to today's most modern manned and un-manned space vehicles.

    The product line continues to evolve with the addition of many new standards. The breadth of offerings allows users to select any number of off-the-shelf designs. This saves engineering resources by eliminating the need for customer specifications and non-recurring engineering. Recent design improvements have led to even greater reliability and temperature stability.

    These high-reliability switches receive an extensive battery of screening tests, thus assuring customers a product with the highest degree of workmanship and reliability. They meet or exceed the requirements set forth in MIL-PRF-24236/1, Type I, Class 4. Residual gas analysis and Group B testing are performed on every production lot.

    Upon testing and inspection Honeywell serializes each switch and completes an individual data sheet containing the acceptance test data.

    No matter what your high-reliability application may be, Honeywell has the right solution for your system.

  • Contact Us, if you have questions, need more information,
    or are interested in ordering TS700 Thermal Switches.

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