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HONEYWELL THERMAL SWITCHES are known for providing exceptional high reliability and consistent high quality thermal products, even in the most unusual or demanding environments ... take Mars, for example!

MARS ROVERS "Spirit" and "Opportunity" are using 700 Series Thermal Switches! read more


"Switches, Thermostatic, (Bimetallic), Type 1, Hermetically Sealed, Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST), 10 Ampere"
See 250 Series Thermal Switch

AEROSPACE REPORT NO. TOR-2006(8583)-5236,
"Technical Requirements for Electronic Parts, Materials, and Processes Used in Space and Launch Vehicles."
See 700 Series Thermal Switch

Honeywell specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal products for:

Commercial Aviation
Military (MIL-SPEC)
Commercial/Industrial applications

Select a Series below to learn more - description, features, applications, outlines, performance data, and downloadable data sheet. To help you compare and select these products, we've provided an APPLICATION GUIDE ... and you'll enjoy the PHOTO GALLERY.

Industry leading reliability and life span utilizing stainless steel and inconel components First developed for NASA's Viking Lander program in 1971, modernized and updated as a cost effective option for today Ideally suited for uses requiring exceptional reliability, rapid temperature response, and consistently high quality. Train switch customers confirm Honeywell units used for up to 20 years of service on EMD locomotives without failure 1,000,000-cycle minimum life at rated load. Up to 10,000,000 at lower loads Designed for applications requiring high current capacity in high vibration and shock environments Typically found in the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and in science experiments carried on both platforms Any Honeywell product, packaged or configured to meet our customer's unique environmental, mounting or performance requirements Which product is suited to your special needs? See our thermal switch application guides. Honeywell is a long-term supplier of switches for military armored vehicles
THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the
Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.

Space rated thermal switch with internal temperature sensor.

  • Customers can choose from wide range of wire wound sensors in almost any configuration.
  • Flat wound strip sensors start as thin as 0.020" and our thermal sensing coil wound probes begin with diameters as small as 0.25".
  • Whenever quality, precision and durability are important, Honeywell can make a wire wound resistive thermal sensor to fit the application.
Thermal Sensors
  • Honeywell measurement and control devices are found on every Boeing and McDonnell Douglas commercial jet built.
  • Honeywell is a key thermal control supplier for a long history of military aircraft platforms - both fixed wing and rotor wing craft.
  • Our thermal switches are standard on numerous business jets.

CAGE CODE for Aerospace Defense & Space was formerly 97896, currently it is 0YFP0.

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